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About me

Mounya Accad - Mistybosk

Hello, I am Mounya Accad, French-Lebanese living in Madrid since 2007.


Born in Beirut, I lived  through wartime Lebanon until 1990, when my family moved to France. This uprooting was the beginning of a varied path marked by changes in countries and life and work experiences (in HR, education, wellbeing and arts).


This path has led me to the Mistybosk project, where the pieces of the puzzle of my life connect in a world full of consciousness, love and color.

And it is this connection that I want to share here, through the catalyst of motherhood everything makes sense and everything is connected: nature, mental and physical health, parenting, art, wellbeing.


I hope that you find here a tribe, support, ideas, a space and a time where each of you can feel reflected, understood, empowered to embark on your own path.

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